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Strong reliable South African MMA and BJJ gear

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Welcome to Macedo Fight Gear
your ultimate destination for the best mixed martial arts (MMA) attire.

Step into the ring with Macedo Fight Gear, the premier destination for premium MMA and martial mixed arts apparel. Engineered specifically for the dynamic movements of MMA mixed martial arts and the precise grappling of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, our collection provides unmatched durability, comfort, and flexibility. Utilizing only the finest materials and innovative design elements, our apparel is a testament to our more than twenty years of expertise in catering to the combat needs of athletes, including South African MMA fighters known for their tenacious spirit.

Our commitment to quality is echoed in the robust community of martial artists who swear by our gear, sharing their experiences through the most authentic endorsement: word of mouth. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or just starting in jiu-jitsu, Macedo Fight Gear enhances your training, supports your journey, and accompanies you to victory. For those who demand excellence down to the last stitch, Macedo Fight Gear is your ally in the pursuit of greatness.

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Our MMA Gear Product Details

Made to be comfortable and allow full mobility during training:
* Made to give full flexibility and movement during training
* Made from stretch lycra
* Designed to protect against rash burns caused by friction
* Cut and stitched to support back posture
* Sublimated prints for longer-lasting image prints 

 Suitable for training MMA (mixed martial arts), Jiu-Jitsu, clinch work, Boxing and other forms of combat sports.

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Designed to be strong, durable and not restrict movement:

* Rubber waist grip belt to prevent sliding of the shorts on the waist

* Sublimated prints for longer lasting image prints

* Shorts are made with inner protection against rash burn caused by friction during grappling

* Inner thigh lycra strip for more movement and flexibility

* Extra lycra strip for extra protection on the side slit

 Suitable for training MMA (mixed martial arts), Jiu-Jitsu, clinch work, Boxing and other forms of combat sports.


This product is casual wear but has been tested in light sparring sessions. Not recommended for grappling:
- 100% cotton
- Slim fit design
- V-neck collar
- The print image transfers from the front to the side of the T-Shirt

“Every little thing you do leads up to a bigger thing.” - Georges St-Pierre

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